• he-rev-mr-john-osgood-historical-marker-plaque-2016

    Marker Monday: The Rev. Mr. John Osgood

    This week’s #MarkerMonday highlights the Rev. Mr. John Osgood, one of the first settlers to Midway, Georgia. Born in 1710 in Dorchester, SC, Osgood was educated by Presbyterian minister, Rev. Mr. Hugh Fisher. Osgood would continue his education at Harvard University, graduating in 1733, and was ordained shortly after. His first pastoral charge began at […]

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  • Marker Monday: The Little White House

    This week’s #MarkerMonday shines a light on the Little White House, the Georgia home of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1924, President Franklin D. Roosevelt began visiting Warm Springs, Georgia, in hopes of using the natural warm springs to recover from the effects of polio. Roosevelt saw improvement through physical therapy in the springs, and […]

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  • Lucy Craft Laney (1854-1933)

    This week’s #MarkerMonday highlights Augusta educator, Lucy Craft Laney. Laney was born April 13, 1854, in Macon, Georgia, to the formerly enslaved David and Louisa Laney.  Mr. Laney purchased his freedom for himself and his wife nearly twenty years prior to Lucy Laney’s birth. Lucy loved education from an early age and learned to read […]

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  • Mary Willis Library

    Mary Willis Library

    This week’s #MarkerMonday shines a spotlight on the Mary Willis Library, Georgia’s first free public library. Founded by Dr. Francis T. Willis in memory of his daughter, Mary, the library opened its doors to the public in 1889. As a native of Washington, Georgia, Willis wanted the library to be a gift to the people […]

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  • ss-oklahoma

    Marker Monday: SS Oklahoma and Esso Baton Rouge Attacked by U-123

    This week’s #MarkerMonday discusses Georgia’s reaction to the threat on its coastline by German U-boats during World War II. Prior to America’s involvement in WWII, elaborate pre-war defensive measures of Georgia’s coastline were enacted. These measures, which included nighttime blackout ordinances and antisubmarine patrols, were followed laxly. In the early hours of April 8, 1942, […]

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  • Fannin County Marker

    Marker Monday: Fannin County

    This week’s #MarkerMonday recognizes Colonel James Walker Fannin, Jr. who, along with 350 Georgia volunteers, was captured and massacred at Goliad, Texas, on March 27, 1836. Fannin was born near Marion, Georgia on January 1, 1804. At the age of fourteen, he attended the University of Georgia, but left the university to attend West Point […]

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  • First Black Graduate of West Point

    Marker Monday: The First Black Graduate of West Point

    This week’s #MarkerMonday recognizes Henry Ossian Flipper, the first African American to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Flipper was born into slavery on March 21, 1856, in Thomasville, Georgia. After the Civil War, he was educated by the American Missionary Association and attended Atlanta University (later Clark Atlanta University) for a […]

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  • Corra Harris Marker

    Marker Monday: Corra Harris

    This week’s #MarkerMonday shines a spotlight on Corra Harris, one of Georgia’s celebrated female writers. Born in March 17, 1886, Harris was raised in Elbert County, where she attended Elberton Female Academy but did not graduate. In 1887, she married Methodist minister and educator Lundy Howard Harris; they had three children, one of whom survived […]

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  • Marker Monday: First Girl Scout Headquarters in America

    This week’s #MarkerMonday highlights Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts. Low was born in Savannah, Georgia, on October 31, 1860. Low, nicknamed “Daisy” by family and friends, was raised in an influential and wealthy family. Not long after her birth, the Civil War broke out, and the Low’s had family on both sides […]

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  • Marker Monday: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

    In honor of the 2016-2017 Georgia History Festival, “A State of Innovation,” the February #MarkerMonday posts will focus on Savannah, the founding city of Georgia, and the many different groups of people that came to settle in Georgia. Over the course of the month, these posts will discuss four different communities that settled in Savannah […]

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