Georgia Historical Society Awards

The Georgia Historical Society recognizes individuals and organizations that have helped to ensure a future for Georgia’s past through dedicated scholarship, programming, and altruism through a variety of awards programs. From awards recognizing excellence in local history across state, to publication awards, to the annual induction of new Georgia Trustees by the Governor, GHS is proud to acknowledge those who advance knowledge and understanding of the rich and diverse history of our state.

Georgia Trustees

The highest honor bestowed by the state of Georgia, the Georgia Trustees continue the tradition of Non Sibi, Sed Aliis, “not for self, but for others,” adopted by the original Trustees who founded the colony of Georgia in 1733. The Governor of Georgia inducts new Trustees at the annual GHS Trustees Gala in February. More information on this honor can be found here.

The John Macpherson Berrien Award

The Berrien Award is given for a lifetime of achievement in and service to Georgia history. This merit-based award is given at the discretion of the Georgia Historical Society. The award was established in 2000 and named in honor of John Macpherson Berrien, one of the founders of GHS and the Society’s first president. He also served in the U.S. Senate and as Attorney General.

Previous Honorees

2023: Dale Critz, Sr., Savannah

2022: John McMullan, Atlanta

2021: Charles Crawford, Atlanta

2020: John Duncan, Savannah

2019: Ross Rossin, Atlanta

2018: Wyckliffe Knox, Jr.; Shell Knox; Augusta

2017: Robert L. Brown, Jr., Decatur

2016: John C. Inscoe, Ph.D., Athens

2015: Bill Jones III, Sea Island

2014: Howard J. Morrison, Jr., Savannah

2013: Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr., Decatur

2012: Beverly “Bo” DuBose III, Atlanta

2011: Lisa L. White, Savannah

2010-2009: Don and Kaye Kole, Savannah

2008: Bradley Hale, Atlanta

2007: Tom Watson Brown, Atlanta (posthumous)

2006: Craig Barrow III, Savannah

2005: W. W. Abbot, Charlottesville, VA

2004: George Hooks, Americus

2003: Emma & Lee Adler, Savannah

2002: Edwin L. Jackson, Athens

2001: Edward J. Cashin, Augusta

2000: Malcolm Bell, Jr. (posthumous)

Sarah Nichols Pinckney Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes individuals and groups who have selflessly contributed their time and resources to advance the mission of the Georgia Historical Society. It is named in honor of Sarah Pinckney, who for many years has given so generously of her time and resources to this organization. This merit-based award is given at the discretion of the Georgia Historical Society.

Previous Honorees

2022: Janis Rodriguez, St. Simons Island

2021: AT&T Pioneers – NW Metro Council

2020: Dr. William T. Moore and Mrs. Linda T. Moore, Savannah

2019: Tony Parrott, Fayetteville

2018: Charlie Crawford, Brookhaven

2015: Tammie Mosely, Savannah

2014: Vincent J. Dooley, Athens

2013: Ellen B. Bolch, Savannah

2012: Edwin Jackson, Athens

2011: Paul M. Pressly, Savannah

2010: Buddy Sullivan, Richmond Hill

2009: The Savannah Jewish Archives, Savannah

2008: Archie H. Davis, Savannah

2007: Dolly Chisholm, Savannah

2006: Darlene Wilson, Savannah

2005: Lara Gill, Sumter Historic Trust

2004: Savannah Area Genealogical Association

2003: Leigh Lawless, Savannah

2002: Gordon Varnedoe & Harry Jennings, Savannah

2001: Rita Trotz, Savannah

2000: Lorraine Warlick, Savannah

1999: Robert Glenn, Savannah

Affiliate Chapter Awards

GHS recognizes an Affiliate Chapter of the Year for exceptional work in the field of public history. View a list of past winners.

Publication Awards

GHS recognizes excellence in the research and writing of Georgia history through a variety of awards for scholars and writers. For more information on these programs, please visit our Publication Awards page.

Retired Awards

The Retired Awards page compiles recipients of awards that are no longer given by GHS.