Vincent J. Dooley Distinguished Fellows Program

The Vincent J. Dooley Distinguished Fellows program honors Vince Dooley for his lifelong commitment to history and higher education. As a longtime member of the Georgia Historical Society’s Board of Curators, Coach Dooley has demonstrated his strong belief in and support of the Society’s mission as a nationally-recognized research and educational institution.

The Dooley Distinguished Fellows Program is designed to accomplish two goals consistent with Coach Dooley’s life and legacy: recognizing senior scholars in the field of history and mentoring and developing emerging historians.

Individuals designated as Dooley Distinguished Teaching Fellows of the Society are national leaders in the field of history as both writers and educators whose research has enhanced or changed the way the public understands the past. In addition to their outstanding scholarship, Dooley Distinguished Teaching Fellows have served the Georgia Historical Society as faculty in teacher training seminars, as lecturers, as consultants, or in a similar capacity. Being designated as a Dooley Distinguished Fellow recognizes and formalizes the relationship forged through this service.

The Dooley Distinguished Research Fellows Program will also mentor the next generation of historians by giving younger scholars the opportunity to conduct research for a specific period of time in the vast collection of primary sources at the Georgia Historical Society Research Center. The research is expected to lead to a major piece of scholarly work such as: a dissertation, a book, an article in a refereed scholarly journal, a chapter in an edited collection, or an academic paper presented at a scholarly conference.

The Vincent J. Dooley Distinguished Fellows Program permanently associates Coach Dooley’s name with outstanding historical research and scholarship through the ongoing recognition of Teaching and Research Fellows.

The Vincent J. Dooley Distinguished Fellows Program has been established by the GHS Board of Curators and is supported by an endowment funded by friends and admirers of Vince Dooley, listed below.

Delta Air Lines
Mr. and Mrs. Wyckliffe Austin Knox, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. F. Duane Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. John G. “Jimmy” Alston
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Blanchard
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Bowers
Chick-fil-A Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Cousins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Demere, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Espy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Foley III
Georgia Power Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. S. Taylor Glover
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Nalley III


Dr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Bolch III
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Dulany III
Martha and Billy Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Smart


Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Wilheit, Sr.
John J. and Patricia Godwin Dunleavy
The Fickling Family Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. David E. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Holder
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Knox
Mr. and Mrs. McKee Nunnally, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. John A. Addison, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. W. Todd Groce
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hall, Jr.
Ms. Julie E. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Waters