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Digital Resources for Georgia’s Students: Georgia History Webquest

The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) is dedicated to offering trustworthy resources that support K-12 teachers’ digital classrooms. Over the coming weeks GHS will be working diligently to provide educators and parents valuable tools and information to meet the needs of students during the Covid-19 school closures. The “Digital Resources for Georgia’s Students” blog series will explore GHS’s extensive catalog of online resources for learning Georgia and American history and offer strategies for using them at home or in a digital classroom.

Although end-of-course standardized testing has been suspended for the 2019-2020 school year, teachers across the state are still working diligently to bring a meaningful and conclusive end to their students’ school year and preparing students for the next steps in their educational careers. As the end of the school year is typically characterized by comprehensive course reviews preparing students for testing, the end of this school year looks quite different.   

Classroom teaching has quickly given way to mandatory (albeit temporary) remote learning, meaning teachers, students, and parents have been challenged to do things in new ways and with little time to prepare.

The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) creates and makes available many different types of free, online resources for studying Georgia and American history, pandemic or not. 

In order to help teachers ensure 8th grade Georgia Studies students have retained the information and skills they have developed over this school year and to prepare them to move forward in their education, GHS has created a Georgia History Webquest.

This Webquest was created with digital education in mind. It’s also suitable for middle and high school students (and could make an excellent American history review with a Georgia focus.) The Webquest has clear instructions and guides students to review key concepts, people, and events from Georgia Standards of Excellence SS8H1-SS8H12 by watching Today in Georgia History episodes, visiting online exhibits, and exploring other online resources. Students are challenged to answer five guided questions for each standard by visiting provided hyperlinks. 

Even if you aren’t a student or teacher and just want to brush up on your Georgia history, this Webquest makes for an engaging learning opportunity.

Find the Georgia History Webquest here. If you would like an answer key for the Webquest please contact GHS Education Coordinator, Lisa Landers at