Digital Resources for Georgia’s Students: GHS and Georgia’s Teachers

The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) is dedicated to offering trustworthy resources that support K-12 teachers’ digital classrooms. Over the coming weeks GHS will be working diligently to provide educators and parents valuable tools and information to meet the needs of students during the Covid-19 school closures. The “Digital Resources for Georgia’s Students” blog series will explore GHS’s extensive catalog of online resources for learning Georgia and American history and offer strategies for using them at home or in a digital classroom.

As a research and educational institution, GHS is well positioned to support teachers as they meet every-day and ever-growing challenges facing K-12 education and student learning.

Whether it’s as serious as a global crisis or as routine as changes in educational standards, teachers are poised to meet new and ongoing challenges every day.

GHS helps educators stay up to date on new historical scholarship, engaging educational strategies, and unique learning opportunities through primary sources by designing and presenting online resources and professional development programs for teachers.

As new scholarship emerges detailing various points of view on the past, GHS aims to share new information with students, teachers, and the public through resources like Newspapers in Education, the Business History Initiative, the Georgia Historical Marker Program, and the award winning Today in Georgia History series.

Social studies education is vital to developing work-ready skills. Through historical research and interpretation students learn how to problem solve, communicate, analyze, and think critically. GHS supports educators by helping them teach their students how to conduct research and engage in historical inquiry through various strategies such as professional development programs, creating teacher guides for GHS resources available online, and attending state and national conferences such as the annual Georgia Council for the Social Studies conference and the National Council for History Education in 2020.

As primary sources are key to historical understanding, GHS presents teachers with relevant and engaging sources from our collections to teach Georgia and American history through resources like online exhibits, primary source sets, and GHS Schoolhouse video blog.

Regardless of the challenges, teachers are the people we want on the front lines of a crisis. Teachers are nimble, creative, and experienced when it comes to quickly and efficiently adapting to change. Just as they bear the awesome burden of engaging and educating our schoolchildren in times of uncertainty and fear, GHS accepts the awesome challenge of supporting them to continue to provide crucial and effective educational opportunities for our young people.