Donating Collections to GHS

You can play a role in preserving Georgia history.


Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Anderson,
VM 846, Wayne-Stites-Anderson collection

The Georgia Historical Society has been collecting books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, photographs, architectural drawings, personal papers and artifacts about the state of Georgia since 1839. Much of GHS’s collections are the result of donations from individuals, families, and organizations that recognize GHS as a secure and trustworthy repository for housing and caring for the story of Georgia.

We encourage you to consider donating your historical materials to Georgia Historical Society where they will be preserved so they can inform and inspire future generations.

Before donating historical materials, please contact the Georgia Historical Society. Our staff will discuss with you our donation options, procedures, and collection development focus.

Donation forms:

Deed of Gift: please review this form if you are interested in donating historical material by transferring ownership of your collection to the Georgia Historical Society.

Memorandum of Deposit: please review this form if you are interested in storing your collection with the Georgia Historical Society while retaining ownership. The current annual storage rate for deposit collections is $40.00 per cubic foot.

To speak with Georgia Historical Society staff regarding your materials, please call 912.651.2128  or send an e-mail message.