Affiliate Chapter Program

The Georgia Historical Society’s Affiliate Chapter Program was established in 1996 to provide resources to local historical organizations and to provide opportunities for those organizations to learn from one another, thereby developing a more informed network of institutions dedicated to sharing the many local stories that make up Georgia’s rich and diverse history. Today that network includes nearly two hundred local historical organizations throughout the state of Georgia and beyond. Members include historical and genealogical societies, commissions, museums, foundations, archives, preservation organizations, churches, and patriotic organizations. Explore the areas below for more information on this statewide program and how your organization can be a part of it!

To join, please complete the Affiliate Chapter Program Application electronic form below and submit payment here. Alternatively, the application and fee can be submitted by mail using the printable application form.

An Affiliate membership rate is determined by the organization’s budget range:

Less than $250,000: $60/year

$250,000 – $499,999: $95/year

$500,000 and above: $125/year

Need to renew an existing membership? Please call 912.651.2125, ext. 119 or email Elyse Butler.