Affiliate Chapter Awards

Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Awards

Submission Deadline: April 1

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The Georgia Historical Society recognizes achievement in the field of public history by Affiliate Chapter members of the Georgia Historical Society with the Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Awards. Named after former GHS president Roger K. Warlick, the award honors the efforts of Affiliate Chapters that go above and beyond in the field of public history. Submissions are accepted beginning January 1 and are accepted through April 1. Recipients of the Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Awards will be notified in April.

The Georgia Historical Society accepts nominations from its Affiliate Chapters in the following areas:

  • Programs: This category includes any public educational program or programming for specific audiences. Submissions may include one-time or recurring programs. Acceptable formats include, but are not limited to, lectures, in-school presentations, living history performances, and media projects (videos, audio programs, and television programs).
  •  Exhibits: This category includes temporary, permanent, or traveling exhibits. Nominations should include information regarding any supporting programming and/or media projects related to the exhibition.
  • Special Projects: This category includes projects that do not fall under the programming or exhibits categories. Acceptable nominations include, but are not limited to, submissions for archival excellence (records, artifacts, facilities, development, etc.), media projects that do not fit under the programming or exhibits categories, and publications that do not fit the breadth and scope of the requirements for the Georgia Historical Society publication awards.


  • Affiliate Chapters may only submit one application per category.
  • All nominating parties must be active members of the Georgia Historical Society’s Affiliate Chapter Program. To join the Affiliate Chapter Program, please click here.
  • All nominations must be for a completed project and must not be more than two years old at the date of submission.

Application Instructions:

  • Applications must be submitted using the online application form. The application may be accessed by following this link.
  • A complete application consists of the following elements:
    • Statement of nomination (no more than one page)
  • Please include information as to the overall scope and significance of the project
    • Supporting materials (press releases, press clippings, videos, photographs, etc.)

Please Note

  • The Georgia Historical Society has the right to forgo giving an award in any category.
  • The Georgia Historical Society reserves the right to move applications into a different category if the Society sees that the nomination is a better fit elsewhere.

See below for a list of past Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Award recipients.

Contact the GHS Membership and Outreach Coordinator for more information.

Previous Winners


Tattnall County Archives – 2018 – Special Projects


Sumter Historic Trust – 2017 – Programs

Historic Rural Churches of Georgia – 2017 – Special Projects

Woodward Academy/GMA Archives – 2017 – Exhibits


Historic Oakland Foundation, Inc. – 2016 – Programs

The Columbus Museum – 2016 – Exhibits

Massie Heritage Center – 2016 – Media


Thronateeska Heritage Foundation, Inc. – 2015 – Archival Excellence

Bulloch County Historical Society – 2015 – Exhibits

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, Augusta Civil War Roundtable, Augusta Museum of History, Augusta-Richmond County Historical Society, Center for the Study of Georgia History at Regents University, Historic Augusta, Inc. & Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson, Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History, and Morris Museum of Art – 2015 – Programs


Bulloch County Historical Society – 2014 – Programs

Georgia College and State University, and Old Governor’s Mansion – 2014 – Preservation Project


Historic Augusta, Inc. – 2013 – Preservation Project

Cherokee County Historical Society – 2013 – Programs

Thomaston/Upson Archives and the Upson County Historical Society – 2013 – Archival Excellence


The Columbus Museum – 2012 – Exhibits


The Columbus Museum – 2011 – Exhibits


Legacy Museum on Main and the Troup County Historical Society – 2010 – Exhibits


Historic Augusta, Inc. – 2009 – Programs

Thomaston/Upson Archives and the Upson County Historical Society – 2009 – Media Project

Historic Augusta, Inc. – 2009 – Preservation Project


Cherokee County Historical Society – 2008 – Archival Excellence

Columbus Museum and the Shaw High School Young Historians Club – 2008 – Exhibit

Georgia Public Broadcasting – 2008 – Media Project

Cook County Historical Society – 2008 – Preservation Project

Historic Columbus Foundation – 2008 – Programs


Fayette County Historical Society – 2007 – Archival Excellence

Friends of Bulloch Hall – 2007 – Exhibits

Haralson County Historical Society – 2007 – Media Project

Historic Effingham Society – 2007 – Preservation Project

Upson Historical Society and the Thomaston-Upson Archives – 2007 – Programs


Thomasville Genealogical, History, and Fine Arts Library, Inc. – 2006 – Archival Excellence

Old Governor’s Mansion – 2006 – Exhibits

Lost Worlds, Inc. – 2006 – Media Project

Old Governor’s Mansion – 2006 – Preservation Project

DeKalb History Center – 2006 – Programs


Georgia Women of Achievement – 2005 – Media Project

Historic Augusta’s – 2005 – Preservation Project

Carroll County Historical Society – 2005 – Programs


Tybee Island Historical Society – 2004 – Preservation Project

Historic Oakland Foundation – 2004 – Preservation Project

Augusta Canal Authority – 2004 – Programs

Affiliate Chapter of the Year

Each year GHS recognizes a member-institution within the Affiliate Chapter Program for exemplary leadership in the field of Georgia state and local history.

Previous Winners

2019: Lower Altamaha Historical Society

2018: Thronateeska Heritage Center

2017: The Columbus Museum

2016: The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History

2015: Historic Oakland Foundation, Inc.

2014: Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home Foundation

2013: Georgia Battlefields Association

2012: Dalton Civil War 150th Commission

2011: Old Capital Museum

2010: Historic Augusta

2009: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute

2008: Stephens County Historical Society

2007: Thomas County Historical Society

2006: Augusta Canal Authority

2005: Georgia Public Broadcasting

2004: Cherokee County Historical Society