Building a Better Future By Recognizing an Imperfect Past

Race is an integral part of the American story. While our diversity has been a source of great strength, all too often we have failed to achieve the promises of equality and justice proclaimed in our founding documents. Beginning with the enslavement of Africans during the colonial period and continuing with warfare and genocide against indigenous peoples, Jim Crow, lynchings, Japanese internment camps, and violent opposition to the Civil Rights movement, racial injustice has characterized much of our national experience and continues to plague our society.

As an educational and research institution, the Georgia Historical Society is committed to teaching the full story of America’s past in the firm belief that an unflinching examination of our nation’s failures as well as our successes is crucial to maintaining our democratic republic and encourages us to live up to our ideals and aspirations. Through our award-winning public programs, publications, teacher training, and research services, we aim to educate and use the power of our shared history to foster difficult but necessary conversations that will offer all Americans new and deeper perspectives on the past and the present. Building on that knowledge and understanding, together as a nation we can envision and create a better future.