Maintaining Historical Markers

The State of Georgia actively erected new historical markers from the early 1950s until the mid-1990s. During that time, approximately 2,000 markers were installed across our state. The busiest time for the program was during the 1950s in preparation for the centennial of the American Civil War. The result today is a large number of aging markers located in places that have seen enormous change since their initial installation. Many have sustained damage, and many others are no longer visible or accessible to those wishing to read them. GHS invites communities across the state to help us better assess and understand the maintenance needs of these historical resources.

Report a Missing or Damaged Marker

Since taking the lead on coordinating the maintenance of these older markers, it has been the goal of the Georgia Historical Society to do everything possible to care for these aging historical resources. While limited in our ability to repair or replace every one of the many markers needing attention, our interest in documenting the condition and needs of the markers and trying to find workable solutions to these issues is constant. To that end, we invite Georgians to contact us with information on damage to and theft of these markers, and also with concerns over marker locations. Please use the form found here to report marker concerns.

Caring for Historical Markers

The Georgia Historical Society welcomes the help of individuals and community partners with maintaining our state’s historical markers. Whether you wish to “adopt” a historical marker or simply clean the marker (or a series of markers!), we appreciate your help. To learn best practices for cleaning a historical marker, please follow this link to view our Comprehensive Cleaning Guide.

To become a community partner or adopt a historical marker, please complete our adoption form by following this link.

Contact Us

For questions regarding new historical markers and the application process, please contact the Marker and Outreach Coordinator at 912.651.2125 ext. 122.

The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) marker program began in 1998 and encourages applications for new markers on a wide variety of topics, but refrains from removing or reinterpreting markers once they are installed. Markers erected by State agencies such as the Georgia Historical Commission or the Department of Natural Resources before 1998 remain the property of the State of Georgia. GHS does not have the authorization to remove these state-owned markers or give permission for their removal. In a public-private partnership with the State of Georgia, GHS coordinates the maintenance of approximately 2,000 historical markers erected and owned by the state prior to 1998 and maintains markers erected through the GHS program. GHS applies the non-removal policy stated above to the markers under its care and encourages applications for new historical markers that will help tell Georgia’s rich and complex story.