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To begin your marker search, enter a keyword in the box below. You can also search and sort by Georgia county or region, by time period, or by marker program (the agency that erected the marker). When you’re ready, you can even design a custom driving route with printable, turn-by-turn directions. Just select the markers you’d like to include, select a beginning and end point in your journey, then sort your chosen markers into the order in which you plan to travel. Once you calculate your route, the map will produce printable directions allowing you to experience each of the markers on your list. You can even change the order if you need to change your route. We hope these tools help you to explore the many historical resources that Georgia has to offer!

For a quick tutorial on how to use the marker database, please click here.

A mobile app, developed by Heideldesign, also allows users to search the Georgia Historical Marker database to identify markers near a chosen Georgia location. Using either their current location, or picking another location around the state, users can see the markers closest to the chosen location and get directions to those markers. Markers are also searchable by title and by time period. To download the app for Apple or Android devices please click here.

For more information on Georgia’s historical markers, please click here.


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