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  • Adelantado – a military title given to some Spanish conquistadores that granted them the right to govern whatever territory they conquered on their expeditions as long as they funded and organized their own journey.
  • Advanced convoy – a group of people sent ahead of the main group to obtain intelligence about certain areas/territories and report back with what they learn.
  • Conquest – the act of taking control of a country or city through the use of force.
  • Conquistador – a leader in the Spanish conquests of America, Mexico, and Peru in the 16th century.
  • Contador – an accountant.
  • Entrada – an armed incursion of Spanish conquistadors into American territories.
  • Expedition – a journey or excursion taken for a specific purpose.
  • Hacienda – a large estate or plantation with a dwelling house.
  • Hidalgo – a member of the lowest noble class in Spain.
  • Hispaniola – an island in the Caribbean that was the first colony in the New World established by Spain. It is the Island occupied by the modern countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  • La Florida – Spanish territory in what is now the southeastern United States during the colonization period.

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