Juliette Gordon Low

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts, GHS featured Juliette Gordon Low in 2012 during the Georgia History Festival. The biographical information below was developed to highlight Juliette Gordon Low’s life with an emphasis on her role as founder of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Click on the links below to explore Juliette Gordon Low’s life and legacy and discover treasures from the GHS archival collections. Teachers can download a printable PDF teacher guide to using the materials in the classroom.

    Read a brief biography of the founder of the Girl Scouts USA.
    Learn about Juliette Gordon Low's life as a child growing up in Savannah.
    Read about Juliette Gordon Low's adult life and see where her interest in scouting began.
    Learn about the founding of the Girl Scouts in Savannah and their activities.
    Learn how the Girl Scouts supported the war effort and grew as an organization.
    Lean about how Juliette Gordon Low and the Girl Scouts fit into the Suffrage movement.
    Learn about the special ways Daisy celebrated her birthday.
    Learn about Juliette Gordon Low's lasting legacy.
    Find suggested additional print and online resources to help you learn more about Juliette Gordon Low.

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