Eighteenth Century

From the founding of the colony to the founding of a new nation, the Eighteenth Century pages explore the major themes, events, and figures of 18th century Georgia using items from the GHS collection. Use the links below to uncover the fascinating stories of the establishment of the colony, life in trustee Georgia, Georgia’s participation in the American Revolution, and Georgia’s place in the newly established United States of America.

As you navigate the pages, be sure to click on the thumbnails to see larger images of the primary sources presented in the materials. Manuscript items will often include transcripts. Download a PDF teacher guide for tips on using the materials in the classroom.

Note: In the Early Republic section, you will find some events from the 19th-century. These were placed in the 18th-century pages because they fit well with the theme of Georgia’s experience transitioning from a colony to a state in the new republican government established under the United States Constitution.