Georgia History Festival Virtual Conversations: Grace Elizabeth Hale

Thursday, Dec 3, 2020
1:00 pm

Join us online this fall for a series of conversations hosted by Dr. Stan Deaton, the Dr. Elaine B. Andrews Distinguished Historian at GHS, as he talks with some of the nation’s foremost scholars and leaders of the Cold War era in discussions focusing on presidential leadership, American diplomacy, the Civil Rights Movement, the role of media during the second half of the twentieth century, and the ongoing impact of that period on our world today.

Grace Elizabeth Hale, The Cold War and Popular Culture

December 3, 2020, 1:00 P.M.

UVA Commonwealth Professor of American Studies and History, author of A Nation of Outsiders: How the White Middle Class Fell in Love with Rebellion in Postwar America (Oxford Univ Press, 2011). The Cold War’s impact was felt across all of American culture, from cinema and film (where the villains were often Communists) to television, to America’s consumer culture, to the race to beat the Soviets in space. This conversation will examine how the Cold War shaped American culture for over 40 years, the enormous impact it had on American society, and how it changed when the Cold War ended.

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