Archibald Bulloch

Archibald Bulloch

Archibald Bulloch Year Erected: 1958

Marker Text: “This is no time to talk of moderation; in the present instance it ceases to be a virtue.”
Speech to Provincial Congress, June ?, 1776

Foremost among Georgia’s Revolutionary patriots stood Archibald Bulloch whose remains rest in this vault. An early and staunch advocate of American rights, Bulloch was among the patriots who issued the call in 1774 for the first province-wide meeting of the friends of Liberty in Georgia.

He served as President of the 1st and the 2nd Provincial Congress & was a delegate in 1775 to the Continental Congress where he won John Adams’ praise for his “abilities and fortitude.”

In April, 1776, Mr. Bulloch became the first President and Commander in Chief of Georgia, an office he ably filled until his untimely death during the latter part of February, 1777. His loss was a severe blow to the revolutionary cause in Georgia as his was the only leadership which united the Whig factions in the troubled young State.

Theodore Roosevelt was the great-great-grandson of the Georgia patriot.

Tips for Finding This Marker: In Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah