Battle of Kolb’s Farm: June 22, 1864

Battle of Kolb’s Farm: June 22, 1864

Battle of Kolb's Farm June 22, 1864Year Erected: 1952

Marker Text: Hascall’s (2d) Div., 23d A.C., Union, via Manning’s Mill, reached Kolb’s schoolhouse (site of Mt. Zion Ch.) 2 p.m. & joined its left to right of Williams’ (1st) Div., 20th A.C. [US] at the McAdoo – Oatman house on Powder Springs Rd.

Hascall placed 3 brigades on high ground S. E. of the road. Skirmishers, supported by the 14th Ky., [US] seized a ridge E. of the Valentine Kolb house and stubbornly held it until forced to withdraw.

The left of Stevenson’s Div., Confederate, after dislodging 14th Ky., advanced toward Hascall’s line but were driven back.

Tips for Finding This Marker: At the intersection of Powder Springs Road and GA 360 in Marietta.