Battle of Resaca: May 14-15, 1864

Battle of Resaca: May 14-15, 1864

Year Erected: 1997

Marker Text: At this point the intrenched line of Gen. John B. Hood’s Corp’s [CS] crossed the road — this corps being one of the three composing Gen. J.E. Johnston’s Army of Tennessee.

Line faced N., Hindman’s Div. [CS] on the left extended W. to Camp Creek Valley; Stevenson’s Div. [CS] was astride the road and the right of Stewart’s Div. [CS] was E. at State R.R near Conasauga River.

Hardee’s and Polk’s Corps [CS] were aligned parallel to Camp Creek 0.5 mi. W. — left of Army [CS] being on Oostanaula River.

Tips for Finding This Marker: At the intersection of Chitwood Road and US 41 in Resaca