Coburn’s Brigade

Coburn’s Brigade

Coburn's BrigradeYear Erected: 1955

Marker Text: Four regiments — 33d & 85th Ind., 19th Mich. & 22d Wis. — Col. John Coburn’s brigade, Ward’s 3d div., 20th A.C., were posted in this sector — the 22d Wis. on the ridge as skirmishers, the other three in the ravine N. of the road.

The left of Featherston’s brigade [CS], swept N. across the road, driving & pursuing the 22d Wis. down the slope, only to be assailed in turn by Coburn’s regiments advancing from the ravine, aided by the left of Harrison’s & the right of Wood’s brigades.

Featherston withdrew to the barricades at the road, but a lack of support on right & left forced his withdrawal.

Tips for Finding This Marker: In Ardmore Park, on Ardmore Road in Atlanta