George Darby House: Cleburne’s H’dq’rs

George Darby House: Cleburne’s H’dq’rs

Year Erected: 1953

George Darby HouseMarker Text: May 25, 1864. Maj, Gen P. R. Cleburne’s div. marched with Hardee’s A.C. [CSA] from New Hope Church May 24th to Powder Springs.

These troops, the left flank of Johnson’s Army, marched S.E. to find the position of the Federals known to be near Dallas. Recalled from Powder Springs the corps counter-marched at 3 a.m. May 25th.

Enroute back toward Dallas, Cleburne’s div. detoured N. from the Henry Lester house and camped at Darby’s until dark, when it was ordered to New Hope Ch. where Hood’s A.C. [CSA] had been fighting the 20th A.C. [USA] that P.M.

Tips for Finding This Marker: On GA 92, south of GA 360 in Hiram