Logan’s 15th A.C. Line

Logan’s 15th A.C. Line

Year Erected: 1956

Marker Text*: July 20, 1864. Maj. Gen. John A. Logan’s A.C. having camped at Decatur, moved toward Atlanta on this rd. M.L. Smith’s (2d) div. was in advance; Woods’ (1st) & Harrow’s (4th), in reserve. At this point, 2.75 mi. from center of Atlanta, Smith’s intrenched line crossed both highway & R.R.

July 21. Harrow extended the line S. to connect with the 17th A.C.; Woods prolonged it N. to join the 16th A.C. That night the outer Confederate line which crossed this rd. at DeGress Ave. (.5 mi. W.), was evacuated.

July 22. Logan’s troops moved up & reversed the abandoned line where they were attacked that afternoon by Cheatham’s corps [CS].

*This marker is missing.

Tips for Finding This Site: Dekalb Ave between Candler and Ferguson Streets in Atlanta.