Power’s Ferry

Power’s Ferry

power's-ferryYear Erected: 1989

Marker Text: Established 1835 by James Power, (1790-1870).

Maj. Gen. O. O. Howard’s 4th A. C. (Army of the Cumberland) [US], moved from Vining’s Station to this vicinity July 9, 10, 1864. Newton’s (2d) div. was diverted to Roswell to support Garrard’s cav. Stanley’s (1st) and Wood’s (3d) camped 3 mi. N. near Soap Creek, July 10.

Stanley crossed the Chattahoochee on Schofield’s pontoon bridge at mouth of Soap Cr. and moved S. on the other side to cover Power’s Ferry where Wood crossed on a pontoon bridge July 12. Newton, back from Roswell, crossed July 13. Stanley’s and Newton’s men built a trestle bridge at the upper island, July 14-16.

Tips for Finding This Site: Chattahoochee River Recreation Area parking lot just north of I-285 in Marietta.