Site – Cassville Female College

Site – Cassville Female College

Site: Cassville Female College

Year Erected: 1953

Marker Text: A large brick structure erected 1853. May 19, 1864 skirmishers of Polk’s AC [CSA] withdrew from this ridge E. to Cassville, When pressed back by Butterfield’s (3d) Div., 20th AC [USA] from the Hawkins Price house. Battery C, 1st Ohio Lt. Art.supported by 73d Ohio, 19th Mich. & 20th Conn. Regt’s [USA] occupied the ridge &¬†shelled the town as Johnson’s Army [CSA] withdrew to ridge E. of it.

At night Cassville was seized by the 19th Mich. & 20th Conn. Female College and the town were burned by Federal forces, Nov. 1864.

Tips for Finding This Marker: At the intersection of US 41 and Willow Lane in Cassville.