Site: Moon’s Station

Site: Moon’s Station

Year Erected: 1954

Marker Text:  A wood-shed, water-tank, siding & log house. Here, April 12, 1862, the pursuers of the Andrews Raiders [US] – Fuller, Cain & Murphy [CS], acquired a push-car from section foreman Jackson Bond, which carried them 14 mi. down grade to the Etowah River.

Oct. 3, 1864. A Federal stockade, garrisoned by 84 officers & men from the 14th & 15th Ill., was located on the high ground 50 yds. E. of the track.

The stockade was attacked & captured by Reynolds´ brigade, Walthall´s div., Stewart´s A. C. [CS] Loring´s div. captured the Acworth garrison [US], 4 mi. N., Oct. 4th.

Tips for Finding This Marker: On Baker Road NW in Kennesaw.