St. Simons Park

St. Simons Park

St. Simons Park Marker

Year Erected: 2002

Marker Text: St. Simons park was the site of a Mocama Indian village of approximately 100-200 people. The inhabitants used marine resources, agriculture, square wattle and daub houses, stamped and incised Irene Style ceramics, and burial mounds characteristic of this late prehistorical coastal culture. The burial mounds were in use within the chiefdom of Guadalquini from the 1450s-1600s. Artifacts found there include ceramic bowls, pipes, and a rare chevron bead. The refuse midden area revealed that the Indians consumed fish, mollusks, deer, and small animals.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society, Friends of the Park, Coastal Georgia Historical Society and Neptune Garden Club

Tips for Finding This Marker: At Mallery Street near and Anne Street on St. Simon’s Island.