The Errant Column

The Errant Column

Year Erected: 1988

Marker Text*: July 28, 1864. Anticipating a confederate attack from the right of the 15th A.C. [US], aligned west of Ezra Church, Sherman sent Davis division (14th A.C.), on a circuitous march West so as to come in on Logan’s right via Lick Skillet (Adamsville Road).

Davis’ troops, led by Gen. J D. Morgan marched toward the Chattahoochee intending to reach Lick Skillet by a side road. Devoid of maps or guides, the column traversed a wilderness of forest and peremptory orders to return.

Logan’s 15th ~ hard pressed by Hood’s forces ~ managed to hold on, aided by 12 regiments of the 16th and 17th A.C. aligned along Chapel Road.
*This marker is missing.

Tips for Finding This Marker: At the intersection of Bankhead Highway and Elinor Place in Atlanta