Villa Rica Explosion

Villa Rica Explosion

Year Erected: 2007

Villa Rica Explosion Marker

Photo credit: David Seibert

Marker Text: Around 11:00 a.m. on December 5, 1957, a natural gas leak under Berry’s Pharmacy caused an explosion that destroyed four buildings and damaged several others in Villa Rica’s downtown. The explosion killed twelve and injured twenty. The tragedy highlighted the need for both an organized local emergency response unit and the use of odor in the natural gas supply. The civil defense unit that resulted became a model for west Georgia. Ensuing litigation placed a considerable financial burden on the city, suppressing economic development for years. In terms of injury and loss of life, the explosion remains the most catastrophic event in Carroll County history.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society, City of Villa Rica, and Villa Rica Downtown Development Authority in 2007.

Tips for Finding This Marker: At 130 Montgomery Street in Villa Rica