Marker Monday: Birthplace of John C. Fremont

Today’s #MarkerMonday highlights John C. Fremont, accomplished explorer, military leader, and politician. He was born on this week (Jan. 21st) in 1813 in Savannah, Georgia. He and his family moved around the South while he was young, eventually settling in Charleston, South Carolina. Fremont is best known for leader successful expeditions of the American West while serving in the U.S. Army. He was also a commander in the U.S.-Mexican War. Fremont later made millions after striking gold during the California Gold Rush and held a short tenure as a Senator from California. His anti-slavery sentiments and strong belief in Unionism led to him winning the first Republican nomination for the presidency in 1856, which he lost to Democratic candidate James Buchanan. Fremont served as a general during the American Civil War, being one of only two native Georgians to hold that position as a part of the United States Army. However, he did not find much success at this position and had a strained relationship with President Abraham Lincoln. After the war, Fremont began working with railroads and eventually accepted an appointment as the governor of the Arizona territories. He passed away in New York City in 1890 after losing his fortune.

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John C. Fremont was the Featured Historical Figure for the 2013 Georgia History Festival. To learn more, visit GHS’ online materials related to his life.

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