Marker Monday: William Tappen Thompson

William Tappan Thompson Marker

Image credit: David Seibert

This week’s #MarkerMonday highlights the William Tappan Thompson marker in Morgan County. William Tappan Thompson was born in Ravenna, Ohio, on August 31, 1812. Thompson’s career in the newspaper business started at a young age and his work with Georgia newspapers began in 1834 when he moved to Augusta to study law. Thompson also wrote short stories about the rural South and gained recognition as a southern writer.

Following Thompson’s move to Augusta in 1834, he established the literary magazine, the Augusta Mirror. He also edited the Southern Miscellany (Madison, Georgia) and the Western Continent (Baltimore, Maryland). On March 15, 1842, Thompson merged the Augusta Mirror with the Family Companion (Macon, Georgia). The merged works became known as the Family Companion and Ladies’ Mirror and was a popular antebellum periodical for female readers. Not long after the merge, conflict arose between Thompson and the Family Companion’s owners regarding the content published, and Thompson left the periodical. After moving to Savannah, Thompson founded the Savannah Daily Morning News (now the Savannah Morning News) in 1850, where he served as editor for many years until his death in 1882. While at the paper, he also mentored Joel Chandler Harris and provided political commentary for the post-Civil War South.

In addition to his newspaper and periodical career, William Thompson authored several plays, short stories, and books, such as Major Jones’s Courtship (1843) and Major Jones’s Sketches of Travel (1848). Thompson’s Major Jones works were humorous pieces centered around the character Major Joseph Jones, a Georgia planter, in which Major Jones sent letters to Thompson that were rife with southern dialect and bad grammar. These works of literature were wildly popular, and Thompson became most famous for his humorous southern literature, which he hoped would confront and contrast with the strict, formal writing in most periodicals during that time.

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