Rental Information


Jepson House Education Center Garden


  • Hodgson Hall (without garden) – $5,000
  • Hodgson Hall Garden – $2,000
  • Hodgson Hall and Garden – $6,000
  • Jepson House Education Center Garden – $2,500


House Rules and Information for Rental of Hodgson Hall

NO SMOKING.  This is a smoke-free building.

Hodgson Hall has an event capacity of 200 people.

Jepson House Garden has an event capacity of 100-125.

All functions must end at midnight (includes caterer’s cleanup time).

No rentals during the month of February.

GHS is not responsible for items left by Renter or vendors hired by the Renter.

Nothing may be hung, stapled or taped to the walls.  It is possible, with prior approval, items may be affixed to the railing.

NO CONFETTI OR RICE may be thrown inside or outside the building.  NO BUBBLES may be used inside or outside the building.  BIRDSEED or flower petals may be used outside the building only.  Please distribute to guests outside, not inside building.

** NO OPEN FLAMES are permitted in the building (includes sterno for warming trays). Electric chaffing is allowed inside.

(Renter) Caterer is responsible for setup/takedown of all chairs.

(Renter) Caterer is responsible for cleanup which includes checking restrooms, porches and entrances for bottles, cans, glasses and cups; wiping up all spills; removing all items related to the function from the premises.

All trash must be removed from the premises.  (Renter) Caterer must supply large trash bags for the trash removal.

SECURITY IS REQUIRED.  GHS will arrange for security and invoice Renter.  Coverage should be for a minimum of three (3) hours including the ending time of the event and through the caterer’s leaving.  Charge will be separate from rental charge for facility.

All publicity, invitations or announcements must reflect the name as ‘The Georgia Historical Society’ and must be approved by the Executive Vice President before printing.

Parking is available along the streets of Gaston and Howard.

Alcohol is permitted.  NO RED WINE INDOORS.

Handicapped access is available on the court yard level.  Handicapped restroom is located in the lobby of Hodgson Hall.

Elevator must not be overloaded.

The portrait that hangs in Hodgson Hall cannot be removed.

Computer sets air-conditioner/heat.  Thermostats cannot be adjusted.

** No live flowers or plants inside building.

** No powdered sugar, chocolate or blue cheese.

Tables cannot be moved.

Caterer and menu must be approved by GHS Executive Vice President or his/her designee (at least four (4) weeks prior to event)

Guests are not permitted to handle the materials within the library or on the shelving.

A staff member will be available during the event. Their role is to assist you as much as possible, but they cannot be part of your kitchen or vendor staff or serve as a wedding director/coordinator.

Garden setup must be pre-approved by the GHS Executive Vice President or his/her designee.

Renter must provide certificate of insurance reflecting bodily injury coverage of at least $1 million combined SINGLE LIMIT for personal injuries to or death of one or more persons in any occurrence caused or alleged to be caused by acts of omission or commission of licensee or licensor in connection with the event.  Property damage coverage of at least $1 million for property damaged or alleged to be damaged by licensor in connection with the event.  The licensee shall provide licensor with a certificate of insurance evidencing the above at least three (3) days prior to the event and licensor shall be named as an additional insured upon said certificate

** Does not apply to the garden.