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Volume 14, Fall/Winter 2020, No. 1

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Georgia History Today Volume 14 No. 1

  • Perspectives: Finding Our Best in the Worst of Times
  • FDR on the 75th Anniversary of His Death
  • Georgia Gems: Frank Cheatham, Polio, and FDR
  • Inside GHS: Rising to the Challenge: GHS & Georgia Teachers in the Era of Remote Learning
  • Profiles: John Duncan, John MacPherson Berrien Award Winner
  • State of History: Understanding Racial Integration with Students

  • Volume 13, Fall/Winter 2019, No. 2

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    Georgia History Today Volume 13 No. 2

    • Perspectives: Building for the Future
    • Women’s Suffrage at 100
    • Georgia Gems: Helen Dortch Longstreet
    • Inside GHS: GHS Research Center Renovation and Expansion Begins
    • Profiles: 2020 Georgia Trustees
    • Georgia History Festival Schedule of Events
    • Messages from Our Friends and Supporters

    Volume 13, Spring/Summer 2019, No. 1

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    Georgia History Today Volume 13 No. 1

    • Perspectives: Can Art be History?
    • Teaching Confederate Monuments as Primary Sources
    • Georgia Gems: The Sounds of Revolution
    • Profiles: Ross Rossin
    • Teaching Georgia History with Primary Sources
    • The Magic Behind the Curtain: How Memory Institutions Provide Free Online Access to Primary Sources
    • GHS News

    Volume 12, Fall/Winter 2018, No. 2

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    Georgia History Today Volume 12 No. 2

    • The Boisterous Sea Of Liberty: The U.S. Constitution
    • Perspectives: Who Do We Think We Are?
    • Georgia Gems: Abraham Baldwin’s Copy of the U.S. Constitution
    • State of History: Georgia’s State Of Civic Education
    • Inside GHS: The Vincent J. Dooley Distinguished Fellows Program
    • Profiles: The 2019 Georgia Trustees
    • Georgia History Festival Schedule of Events
    • Messages from Our Friends and Supporters

    Volume 12, Spring/Summer 2018, No. 1

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    Georgia History Today Volume 12 No. 1

    • A Duty to the Past, A Commitment to the Future
    • The GHS Research Center: A Foundation for History
    • Saving Georgia’s History
    • Profiles: Shell and Wyck Knox – John Macpherson Berrien Award Winners
    • The Research Center Capital Campaign
    • Extraordinary Gales: Fort Pulaski’s Experience with Natural Disasters

    Volume 11, Fall/Winter 2017, No. 2

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    Georgia History Today Volume 11 No. 2

    • The Georgia Trustees: A Legacy of Leadership
    • When History and Memory Collide
    • James Habersham Letterbook
    • Martha Berry’s Living Legacy
    • 2018 Georgia Trustees
    • Georgia History Festival Schedule of Events

    Volume 11, Spring/Summer 2017, No. 1

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    Georgia History Today Volume 11 No. 1

    • The History of Science and Technology
    • Saving Georgia’s History Through a Gift of Conservation
    • Profiles: Raymond “Ray” M. Masciarella II
    • New Life for an Old Program: Maintaining Georgia’s Historical Markers
    • Affiliate Chapter of the Year: The Columbus Museum

    Volume X, Fall/Winter 2016, Nos. 3&4

    Georgia History Today

    • A State of Innovation
    • Maintaining a State of Innovation
    • 2017 Georgia Trustees
    • Georgia History Festival Schedule of Events
    *Please note, this issue was incorrectly printed as Volume 11, No. 3&4 . The next issue will be Volume 11, No. 1.

    Volume X, Spring/Summer 2016, Nos. 1&2

    Georgia History Today

    • Sustaining the Legacy of Ray C. Anderson
    • Help Conserve a Georgia Gem
    • Georgia Southern Students Research Georgia-Ireland Connection
    • Profiles: Don Waters

    Volume IX, Fall/Winter 2015, Nos. 3&4

    • 2016 Georgia Trustees
    • The Birth of the American Dream
    • Thronateeska Heritage Center Succeeds Through Collaboration
    • Encouraging Historical Thinking during the Georgia History Festival
    • A Rare Look at Early Atlanta Businesses

    Volume IX, Spring/Summer 2015, Nos. 1&2

    Georgia History Today Spring-Summer 2015

    • John McMullan – A Legacy of Generosity
    • The Delta Flight Museum, Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret
    • Georgia Gems: Atlanta Gas Light Company Papers
    • The Georgia Business History Initiative: Sharing the Stories of the Companies that Built Georgia
    • Business Leadership Helped Sing the Song of Tolerance

    Volume VIII, Fall/Winter 2014, Nos. 3&4

    Volume VIII, Fall/Winter 2014, Nos. 3&4

    • Unexpected Discoveries: Hernando de Soto in Georgia
    • Historical Markers: Discovering New Ways of Thinking about an Old Resource
    • Georgia Gems: H.N. Torrey Lantern Slides
    • 2014 Georgia Trustees: Alana Shepherd and Paula Wallace

    Volume VIII, Spring/Summer 2014, Nos. 1&2

    Spring/Summer 2014

    • Georgia’s Newest Home for History
    • Georgia Gems: GHS’s Archival Collection Finding Aids Now Online
    • An Enduring Legacy
    • Columns and Capitals: Georgia’s Old Governor’s Mansion
    • Endowing the Future: Victor L. Andrews & the Dr. Elaine B. Anrews Historian

    Volume VII, Fall/Winter 2013, Nos. 3&4

    Fall/Winter 2013

    • Flannery O’Connor: The Legacy of a Storyteller
    • The Evolution of a National Research Center
    • Georgia Gems: Rainwater Family Papers
    • 2014 Georgia Trustees: Arthur M. Blank and William Porter “Billy” Payne

    Volume VII, Spring/Summer 2013, Nos. 1&2

    Spring/Summer 2013

    • Whatever Happened to Georgia’s Dixie Highway?
    • Georgia Gems: James Dunwoody Jones
    • Profiles: Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr., John Macpherson Berrien Award Winner – “Georgia Was My Place”
    • A New Chapter for the Georgia Archives
    * Read an extended version of the Ed Jackson article, “Whatever Happened to Georgia’s Dixie Highway,”.

    Volume VII, Fall/Winter 2012, Nos. 3&4

    Fall/Winter 2012

    • John C. Fremont: Pathfinder to the West
    • Drawing Threads
    • Georgia Gems: Gilbert Moxley Sorrel
    • Profiles: 2013 Georgia Trustees: Truett Cathy and Herman Russell
    • History Education in Georgia’s Public Schools

    Volume VI, Spring/Summer 2012, No.1&2


    • A Slice of History: Georgia’s Iconic Restaurants
    • African-American History & Culture in the Georgia Lowcountry
    • Profiles: Beverly “Bo” DuBose III, John Macpherson Berrien Award Winner
    • Georgia Gems: The Joseph L. Bernd Collection of FBI Records on the 1946 Election
    • Dalton Civil War 150th Commission

    Volume V, Fall/Winter 2011, No. 3&4


    • Juliette Gordon Low
    • Today in Georgia History
    • Georgia Gems: Jepson House Education Cente
    • Profiles: The 2012 Georgia Trustees: Tom Cousins and Andrew Young
    • Lighting Up History at Georgia’s Old Capital Museum

    Volume V, Spring/Summer 2011, No. 1&2


    • Discovering Georgia’s Civil War Sites
    • Campaign to Share Georgia History
    • Georgia Gems: Edward Clifford Anderson
    • Profiles: Lisa Lacy White
    • Georgia Battlefields Association

    Volume IV, Fall 2010, No. 3


    • Remembering Georgia’s Native People
    • Georgia Gems: The Cherokee Papers
    • Profiles: The 2011 Georgia Trustees: Vincent Dooley and Sam Nunn
    • Making History Fun at the Thomastown-Upson Archives and Upson Historical Society

    Volume IV, Summer 2010, No. 2


    • Georgia’s Cities of the Dead, Part Two
    • Vince Dooley Papers at GHS
    • Georgia Gems: A Very Grand Tour
    • Profiles: Don and Kaye Kole: The 2009-2010 John Macpherson Berrien Honorees
    • LaGrange’s Latest Legacy

    Volume IV, Winter 2010, No. 1


    • Georgia’s Cities of the Dead and Cultural Tourism
    • The Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson
    • Celebrating Georgia Days 2010: Honoring Georgia Native & Baseball Legend Jackie Robinson
    • Georgia Gems
    • Profiles: The 2010 Georgia Trustees: Hank Aaron and Ted Turner

    Volume III, Spring/Summer 2009, No. 2-3


    • Prelude to Hartsfield-Jackson: A Centennial Reflection on the Atlanta Speedway
    • Griffin Bell Papers at GHS
    • Georgia Gems: Civil War Letters
    • Profiles: Craig Barrow: Assuring History’s Future
    • University of Georgia Press

    Volume III, Winter 2009, No. 1


    • Hail to the Would-be Chiefs: Presidential Contenders with Georgia Ties
    • Celebrating Georgia Days 2009: Honoring Johnny Mercer
    • Georgia Gems: Theodore Roosevelt and Civil Rights
    • A Friend in Need: Friends of Cockspur Island Lighthouse

    Volume II, Summer 2008, No. 3


    • Whatever Happened to Georgia’s Downton Hotels?
    • Expanding Audiences for History: GHS Takes a Technological Plunge into the 21st Century
    • Georgia Gems: Daniel Webster
    • Profiles: Vince Dooley: Making Time for History
    • The Georgia Archives: Georgia’s Virtual Vault

    Volume II, Spring 2008, No. 2


    • 75 Years Later, Georgia Remembers FDR
    • Georgia Historical Markers: 150 and Counting
    • Georgia Gems: Letters from Roosevelt
    • Profiles: Bradley Hale: Successes and Stories
    • The Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive

    Volume II, Winter 2008, No. 1


    • Carved in Stone: Remembering James Oglethorpe
    • Georgia Turns 275 in Style
    • Georgia Gems: James Oglethorpe’s Letters
    • Profiles: Archie Davis: “History Inspires Me”
    • The Savannah Book Festival

    Volume I, Summer 2007, No. 2


    • Taking Georgia’s History beyond Georgia
    • Using Technology to Explore the Past
    • Georgia Gems
    • Profiles: Don Kole: Growing What He Believes in
    • Georgia Women of Achievement