William Bacon Stevens Award

The Stevens Award was given for the best article by a student to appear in the Georgia Historical Quarterly in a two-year period. The award was established in 1980 and honors William Bacon Stevens, one of Georgia’s premier historians and a founder of GHS.

Previous Winners (partial list):

2010-2011: Christopher A. Huff, “Radicals Between the Hedges: The Origins of the New Left at the University of Georgia and the 1968 Sit-In,” Summer 2010

2007-2008: David Kenneth Pye, “Complex Relations: An African-American Lawyer Navigates Jim Crow Atlanta,” Winter 2007

2005-2006: Daniel Bronstein, “La Cubana City: A Cuban Cigar Manufacturing Community near Thomasville, Georgia during the 1890s,” Fall 2006

2003-2004: Codrina Cozma, “John Martin Bolzius and the Early Christian Opposition to Slavery in Georgia,” Winter 2004