Crescent Farm Rock Barn

Crescent Farm Rock Barn

Year Erected: 1990

Marker Text: The Crescent Farm Rock Barn was constructed in 1906 by Augustus (Gus) Lee Coggins. One of a rare number of rock barns constructed in Georgia, the Rock Barn, together with the nearby Georgian Revival style main house located across the road, constitutes the core of the original Crescent Farm. Originally a race horse stable, the rock barn was one of three barns on Coggins’ cotton and horse farm. It was built to replace a wooden barn destroyed in a fire which killed valuable race horses. The Rock Barn is made of rock quarried on the original farm from the banks of the Etowah River. Coggins bred and raised horses for harness racing. Crescent Farm was widely known in the racing circle because of Abbedale, its world-class racehorse. Abbedale brought fame to Crescent Farm and is listed in the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in Goshen, N.Y. Abbedale sired six pacers with two-minute mile records.

Tips for Finding This Marker: On GA 140 in Canton.

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The Crescent Farm Rock Barn
Research paper by Nikolas Kekel, Dr. Jennifer Dickey’s Introduction to Public History course, Kennesaw State University